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Delhi Diabetes Research Center DDRC ACTIVITIES OVER THE YEARS............. To Start with............. In 1985, when I started my practice as a physician. I was called to see a young man of 28 years at 2 a.m. midnight. He was an obese man with weight around 90 kg and history of diabetes. He had been drinking at a party and had a very heavy dinner. After sometime he felt heaviness in the chest and choking sensation. All kinds of home remedies were tried for indigestion and then suddenly he collapsed and became unconscious. By the time I reached, it was already too late. He was known a diabetic who was not taking treatment regularly. Death of a young man shattered me & I kept on thinking how this tragedy could have been avoided. People have wrong notions about diabetes & as a disease, diabetes is not taken seriously. And the reason is lack of awareness about the disease and its complications. This was a turning point in my career & I took a pledge of spreading awareness about diabetes in general public so that young & productive lives of the nation could be saved. With this aim, the foundation of DDRC was laid & Delhi Diabetes Research Center started functioning on 5th September. 1990 at J-136, Rajouri Garden, New Delhi-110027.

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